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Legendary Exhilaration Awaits. The 2017 Nissan GT-R Coming Soon!

12 October 2016

Exclusive preview of the 2017 Nissan GT-R.

LEGENDARY isn’t found in a lap time. Or a 0 – 100 number, or even on a price tag. It’s built on an obsession to detail. And a radical belief that a real supercar delivers performance on real-world conditions. For anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. So refined, yet so capable, in the right hands it can turn the automotive world on its ear. Its history speaks of world-beating performance, but the pursuit will always be of pure EXHILARATION.

Viewing is strictly by appointment only, please call our GT-R specialists:

Alan Wong: 9060 2130
Alex Lim: 9686 3018

David Chua: 9188 1881

Edmund Nai: 9877 5875

Kelly Chan: 9631 0397

Lester Yoon: 9686 9684

Melvyn Phua: 9691 2091

Oliver Oei: 9111 3113     

Yeow Zhi Xuan: 8818 2888

Every Hour, A Nissan Crossover is Sold

8 July 2016

Tan Chong Motor Sales is pleased to announce the sales results of 1st half of 2016 for Nissan Crossovers as follows:

Nissan Crossovers Sales (January to June)

2016 2015 Growth
Juke 29 25 16%
Qashqai 1,641 835 197%
X-Trail 639 129 495%
Total 2,309 989 233%

Comparing the total sales of Nissan Crossovers, it has increased 233% year-on-year. Whereas, sales of Qashqai has almost doubled and X-Trail increased almost 5 folds year-on-year. In translation, Tan Chong Motor Sales has successfully sold 1 Nissan Crossover every hour for 1st half of 2016*.

Some key reasons quoted by customers who bought a Nissan Crossover were due to its excellent drive performance, fuel efficiency, stylish design and more.

In addition, the surge in Nissan Crossovers sales has also contributed greatly to the growth of Nissan passenger vehicles which increased 65% to 3,808 units year-on-year for 1st half of 2016. 

Passenger Vehicle Sales (January to June)

2016 2015 Growth
Passenger Vehicles 3,808 2,305 65%

To celebrate this milestone, Tan Chong Motor Sales is giving away a free petrol voucher with every test drive of any Nissan Crossover. 

*Based on 1st half of 2016 registration numbers over the total operating hours (Mon-Sat: 8.30am to 7pm, Sun & PH: 9.30am to 7pm)

All-New Nissan NP300 Navara Single Cab

5 February 2016

Tan Chong Motor Sales is pleased to introduce the all-new Nissan NP300 Navara single cab, following the launch of its double cab variant in 2015. The NP300 Navara single cab delivers a spacious cargo deck space with class-leading fuel economy and CO2 emissions.

In comparison with the previous generation, the all-new NP300 Navara single cab shows how power, acceleration and fuel efficiency can not just coexist, but thrive. With best-in-class fuel consumption of 6.5L/100km and CO2 emission of 172g/km, the NP300 Navara single cab delivers a class-leading 163 horsepower and 403Nm of torque, which is up to 29% more efficient and 30% more powerful than the previous generation.

Tailored for businesses that need to go further with more, the NP300 Navara single cab’s cargo deck space and payload is significantly larger – measuring 2,310mm (L) by 1,560mm (W) x 472mm (H) and a payload of 1,000kg. It gets you ready for the toughest and most demanding jobs.

“The new NP300 Navara single cab is designed to suit the needs of business owners who need a strong and dependable pickup to carry more goods. With the 2 variants of NP300 Navara, we are confident that businesses will find one suitable for their needs.” said Mr Ron Lim, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Tan Chong Motor Sales Pte Ltd.

The addition of NP300 Navara single cab will complement Nissan’s existing range of Light Goods Vehicle (LGV), including the NP300 Navara double cab, Cabstar, NV200 and NV350 to offer the most diverse LGV range and further strengthening its foothold as the best-selling LGV brand which it has successfully secured over the last 6 consecutive years.

Price with COE: $96,888

Nissan Tops SUV and Commercial Vehicle Segment Sales for 2015

21 January 2016

According to the latest figures from Motor Traders Association (MTA) of Singapore, Nissan claims the top spot in both the SUV and LGV (Light Goods Vehicle) segments with a total of 2,859 units and 3,317 units sold in 2015 respectively.    

Number 1 in SUV Segment

Nissan created one of the fastest growing segments in the automotive market – Crossovers, starting with Murano in America in 2002 where it marked the start of a new era in motoring history, then the Qashqai in Europe in 2007, followed by the Juke in 2010.

Since the beginning of 2015, Nissan Crossovers proved to be a strong contender in the SUV segment in Singapore with its latest line up of Juke, Qashqai and X-Trail. Nissan now dominates the segment, largely due to the success of its best-selling Qashqai that contributes 2,332 units, or 42% of its total car sales.

Top 3 Selling SUV Brands (Jan to Dec 2015)

Brand Sales
Nissan 2,859
Subaru 1,507
Mitsubishi 809

Source: Motor Traders Association

Top 3 Selling SUV Models (Jan to Dec 2015)

Brand & Model Sales
Nissan Qashqai 2,332
Subaru Forester 1,082
Mitsubishi Outlander 691

Source: Motor Traders Association

Fuelled by the success of its Crossover models, Nissan surged ahead in total passenger car sales with a total of 5,548 units in 2015, registering a growth of more than 300% year on year.

Top 3 Selling Passenger Car Brands (Jan to Dec 2015)

Brand Sales
Toyota 7,359
Nissan 5,548
Honda 3,565

Source: Motor Traders Association

Number 1 in LGV Segment for 6 Consecutive Years

Once again, Nissan continues its reign as the top seller in LGV segment with its popular NV200, NV350, Cabstar and NP300 Navara. Nissan overtook second-placed Toyota from 2010 and its sales of LGV has more than tripled since 6 years ago.

Top 3 Selling LGV Brands (2010 to 2015)

Brand/Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Nissan 881 1,477 796 977 2,922 3,317
Toyota 646 792 563 956 2,028 2,396
Mitsubishi 246 247 120 204 536 467

Source: Motor Traders Association, figures exclude buses

Commenting on the results, Mr Ron Lim, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Tan Chong Motor Sales Pte Ltd said, “It has been a fabulous year for Nissan.  We would like to thank our customers for their trust in the Nissan brand. With the expectation of more passenger car COEs and the ongoing ETS scheme for commercial vehicles, we look forward to another exciting year in 2016."

Preview of All-New Nissan Pulsar at the Singapore Motorshow 2016

14 January 2016

At the Singapore Motorshow 2016, which will take place from 14 to 17 January 2016, Tan Chong Motor Sales will be previewing the all-new Nissan Pulsar. This will be the first time, the public is able to catch a glimpse of this exciting hatachback.

Nissan's passion for innovation and technology has seen it transform the family car landscape over the course of the last few years. Now, using the same design approach and original thinking that produced Singapore’s most celebrated and best-selling crossovers, Nissan is expanding its product line-up once again with an exciting, all-new hatchback challenger - the Pulsar.

Proven efficient and powerful 1.2L DIG-T engine
In keeping with Nissan's philosophy of innovation that excites, Nissan Pulsar’s all-turbocharged 1.2L engine delivers the perfect combination of performance and fuel efficiency. Mated with an advanced Xtronic CVT transmission, the 1.2L DIG-T engine generates 115PS of power output with a high torque of 190Nm. Equally impressive, it delivers an excellent fuel efficiency of 5.1L/100km.

The embodiment of space and comfort
Nissan Pulsar redefines what buyers can expect in a hatchback. Thanks to a long wheelbase (2,700mm) and clever positioning of the seats, the Pulsar enjoys the best rear legroom (692mm) in the sector - comfortably elipsing its rivals and outshining a number of cars in the class above.

Completing the Pulsar's packaging masterclass is a practical boot that combines a large capacity (385 litres) with a wide loading aperture. For those requiring even more load volume, the rear seats simply fold flat to liberate 1,395 litres of space.

Energetic and athletic styling
Instantly recognisable thanks to its trademark Nissan V-motion grille, boomerang signature headlamp characteristics and bold, muscular curves, the Pulsar exudes desirability and confidence.

The front of the new Pulsar is characterised by a bold grille and bumper arrangement that takes styling cues from the popular Nissan Crossovers.

In keeping with Nissan's bold design philosophy, the rear of the new Pulsar perfectly combines form with function. The powerful, athletic feel created at the front and sides continues through to the rear with a neat diffuser-style lower bumper element.

Combining bold design, technical innovations and class leading interior space, the all-new Nissan Pulsar brings a fresh dimension to the C-segment, offering all the familiar Nissan qualities in a stylish new package.

“We are confident that the Pulsar will appeal to a broad range of buyers, from D-segment downsizers to motorists who have outgrown their B-segment cars. Also, we are looking forward to officially launch the Pulsar in Singapore in the near future,” said Mr Glenn Tan, Executive Director of Tan Chong International Limited.

Other vehicle highlights at the Singapore Motorshow 2016 include a showcase of Nissan’s best-selling Crossovers – Juke, Qashqai, and X-Trail along with other popular passenger and commercial vehicles.

Nissan, Singapore's No.1 Selling Commercial Vehicle Brand, continues to support Infiniti Red Bull Racing

14 September 2015

Nissan, Singapore’s best-selling light goods vehicle brand since 2010, with a comprehensive range of light commercial vehicles including the newest addition – NP300 Navara, will provide Infiniti Red Bull Racing, the World Championship-winning Formula One team, with the NV350 during the race week in Singapore. With its class-leading loading capacity and impressive driving performance, the NV350 is an ideal fit to keep up with the fast pace and high demands of Formula One.

“As a top Formula One team, Infiniti Red Bull Racing will need an excellent and reliable support system and we are proud to be part of that by equipping the team and crew during the Singapore Grand Prix with the Nissan NV350. Nissan is proud to be part of the team and contribute to what we hope will be a successful performance this season” said Mr Ron Lim, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Tan Chong Motor Sales Pte Ltd.

Whatever the job is, the NV350 fits the bill with its appealing exterior and roomy, highly functional interior that offers true reliability with maximum ease of use.

“This partnership with Nissan LCV has brought significant benefits to our team and demonstrated the value of working with the right commercial vehicle partner, said Christian Horner, Team Principal, Infiniti Red Bull Racing. “One of the biggest challenges we face is managing the logistically complex operations of transporting people and equipment, and we are delighted to continue working with Nissan LCV in 2015.”

Nissan is the Best-Selling SUV Brand for 1st Half 2015

23 July 2015

Tan Chong Motor Sales is pleased to announce that Nissan is the best-selling SUV brand with a total of 992 units sold. Nissan Crossover model range comprises of the Juke, Qashqai, X-Trail and Murano. 

Top 3 Selling SUV Brands* (Jan to Jun 2015)


SUV Sales







*Source: Motor Traders Association

Nissan’s best-selling Crossover is its newest model Qashqai, available in 1.2L turbo and 2.0L engines, which showed strong growth in the 2nd quarter (sales more than doubled quarter-on-quarter) chalking up 835 units out of its total 1st half sales.

Globally, SUVs have made rapid gains in market share over the past few years. And the same trend is spotted in Nissan car sales here – Nissan Crossovers contribute almost 44% of its overall sales year-to-date, compared to only 13% five years ago.

Commenting on the results, General Manager Sales and Marketing, Mr Ron Lim of Tan Chong Motor said, “We are extremely delighted that the latest range of attractive Nissan Crossovers is capturing the hearts of Singaporeans. We would once again like to thank our customers for believing in the Nissan brand and for making us their number 1 choice.” 

Nissan Crossovers Dominates SUV Segment Sales in Q1 2015!

21 April 2015

Latest Motor Traders Association figures have shown that Nissan Crossovers have topped the SUV segment with more than 1 in every 4 SUVs registered being a Nissan Crossover model or 26.7% market share in the first quarter of 2015. Nissan Crossover line-up includes the Juke, Qashqai, X-Trail and Murano.

Top 3 Selling SUV Brands

Brand SUV Sales (Jan to Mar 2015) Market Share
Nissan 317 26.7%
Mitsubishi 255 21.5%
Subaru 248 20.9%
Total SUV Market 1,187 -

Source: Motor Traders Association of Singapore

The success of Nissan in this segment is contributed by its strong model lines, especially with the all-new Qashqai and X-Trail launched recently. Nissan has been at the forefront of the crossover segment – developing exciting new models and injecting Nissan innovations and vision in the heart of every crossover model.

Best-Selling SUV: Nissan Qashqai

The original pioneer of crossovers, Nissan Qashqai, is leading the way for the SUV segment in Singapore. For the first quarter of 2015, Nissan Qashqai has proven itself to be the best-selling crossover model with 271 units sold, a share of 22.8%.

“With the growing popularity of crossovers, we are extremely delighted that Nissan is Singaporeans’ No. 1 choice and it also reaffirms our decision to make Nissan Crossovers the new face of the Nissan brand, in line with our brand tag line of ‘Innovation that excites’. Most of all, we’d like to thank our customers for believing and trusting in the Nissan brand” said Mr Ron Lim, General Manager of Sales & Marketing, Tan Chong Motor Sales Pte Ltd.

Tan Chong International Limited Opens New Multi-Brand Showroom

2 April 2015

Tan Chong International Limited (TCIL), the parent company of Nissan and Subaru distributors, officially opened its three-building multi-brand showroom in Leng Kee Road. Located within the extension of the existing 25 Leng Kee Road Subaru showroom, the new facility houses all major models from Nissan and Subaru.

Occupying a total area of 6,668 square meters (sqm), the seven storey facility will be offered as a one-stop shop option for customers to view the different range of passenger and commercial vehicles distributed by TCIL.

The new S$40 million multi-brand showroom began construction in September 2012 and is part of TCIL’s effort to centralise and consolidate its operations across its different automotive brands.

“The opening of our new multi-brand showroom is a significant milestone for our automotive business in Singapore and it signifies our brands growing from strength to strength. We believe this opening will further build customer confidence in our company and the brands we represent,” said Mr Glenn Tan, Executive Director of Tan Chong International Limited.

For the first time ever, the Nissan brand will now be available on Leng Kee road, offering a new alternative location for new car purchases. Nissan customers can also expect work bay facilities for their car servicing needs in the new showroom.

Subaru customers can expect a bigger and better showroom twice the size of the previous facility and a new STI corner where visitors can purchase premium STI merchandise. The new office building will also house the headquarters of Subaru’s regional operations, which have expanded in the recent years to accommodate the growth of the brand in the region.

The new building will allow customers to view and test drive new cars at the showroom, while existing customers are able to benefit from the after-sales services at the workshop and customer lounge, all conveniently available within the same building.

For more information on Nissan Leng Kee Showroom, click here.

Nissan Continues to be Singapore's Number 1 Light Goods Vehicle Brand for 5 Years Running!

27 January 2015

The latest figures from Motor Traders Association (MTA) of Singapore have shown that Nissan continues to be Singapore’s leading Light Goods Vehicle (LGV) brand for 5 years running.

Top 3 Selling Light Goods Vehicle Brands (2010 to 2014)

Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Nissan 881 1477 796 977 2922
Toyota 646 792 563 956 2028
Mitsubishi 246 247 120 204 536

Figures Exclude Buses & Grey Importers  |  Source: Motor Traders Association

Since 2010, Nissan has been the Number 1 brand for LGV and with the closing of 2014, a record-high figure of 2,922 vehicles was sold, showing an increase of close to 200% as compared to that of 2013.

“This further enhances our customers’ trust in Nissan’s Light Goods Vehicles’ reliability and durability. We believe our customers see the added value in the services and packages we offer, giving them total confidence during the ownership experience” said Mr Glenn Tan, Executive Director, Tan Chong International Limited.

2014 has been a fruitful year for Nissan as we topped the sales of various segments, which include the Compact Van Segment, Mid-Size Van Segment and also the 10-Footer Truck Segment.

As a record, Nissan is the industry’s first to offer the ever-attractive after-sales specials: 

> 5-Year Warranty (Or 140,000km)

> 5-Year Comprehensive Maintenance Package (Or 140,000km) – Includes free repair, free servicing and free annual inspection

> “Loss of Use” Insurance – Includes free use of replacement Light Commercial Vehicle

For more information about Commercial Vehicles, click here. 

All-New Nissan Qashqai 1.2L DIG-T

15 January 2015

Tan Chong Motor Sales and Nissan are proud to introduce the all-new Qashqai 1.2L DIG-T, the newest addition to the Nissan crossover range. This follows the Qashqai 2.0L which was recently launched here in July 2014 sporting an exciting design, innovative technologies and exceptional comfort. Qashqai 1.2L DIG-T will be launched at the 2015 Singapore Motorshow which is held from 15th – 18th January 2015.

Traditionally, majority of the Crossovers have been classified under Category B, therefore the availability of the new Qashqai 1.2L DIG-T variant will provide consumers, looking for Category A cars, with alternative choice. The Qashqai 1.2L DIG-T will appeal to the young urbanites who desire a more economical crossover that does not compromise on the drive,” said Mr Glenn Tan, Executive Director, Tan Chong International Limited.

Similar to the earlier launched variant, the Nissan Qashqai 1.2L DIG-T sports an effortless modern crossover design with clean and powerful curves and newly added daytime running lamps making this car the most stylish yet. Fitted with the zero-gravity inspired seats and new Chassis Control technologies, the Qashqai is both a comfortable and confident car to drive.

The Qashqai is no stranger to awards ceremonies and has already won the What Car? Car of the Year 2014 and the Tow Car Awards Overall Winner 2014.

Globally, more and more consumers are choosing to drive crossovers. And there is no doubt that Nissan is the leader when it comes to this category. Hence the Qashqai 1.2L DIG-T will complement the range of crossovers including the Juke, X-Trail and Murano, to become the most diverse and varied crossover range.

For more information about the Qashqai 1.2L DIG-T, click here.

Nissan Teana Records Highest Assessment Score in ASEAN NCAP History

12 December 2014

Tan Chong Motor Sales and Nissan are proud to announce that the Nissan Teana has received the highest assessment in both adult and child categories for the first time ever in ASEAN NCAP history. The Nissan Teana set a new record with a perfect 16-point score for Adult Occupant Protection (AOP) and also became the first car in the region to score a 5-star rating for Child Occupant Protection (COP), with 88 percent compliance.

The result was delivered by ASEAN NCAP Chairman Prof. Dr. Wong Shaw Voon at the Thailand International Motor Expo on December 1, 2014.

Prof. Wong said, “Congratulations to Nissan for this achievement. This new record means a lot to both the consumers and car manufacturers. The perfect score in AOP as well as being the first to reach 5-star level in COP is a commendable result and has set another benchmark for a large family sedan.”

“Nissan is proud to be recognised for our world-class safety standards,” said Toru Hasegawa, corporate vice president of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and president of Nissan Motor Asia Pacific. “We are committed to continue improving our products with advanced engineering and safety technologies to promote the safety of both drivers and passengers in Nissan vehicles.”

Nissan Teana is equipped with a suite of safety features that are available as standard for all variants, including 6 air bags (Dual SRS, Side and Curtain), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC). IOSFIX and top tether are available as standard features to ensure safety of the child occupant.
For more information about the Nissan Teana, click here


Nissan Launches All New X-Trail 7-Seater

24 October 2014

Tan Chong Motor Sales and Nissan proudly introduces the all new Nissan X-Trail. Completely redesigned from the ground up, the X-Trail joins the Qashqai, Juke and Murano in Nissan’s all-encompassing crossover family – bringing new technology, style and class-leading levels of practicality.

The all-new X-Trail made its world debut at 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. Building on Nissan’s acclaimed 4x4 heritage, making it just as tough and accomplish as the previous, and adding crossover style and efficiency, exciting design, innovative technology and exceptional comfort, the new X-Trail re-defines the compact SUV segment.

“The new X-Trail appeals to young families who are always ready for an adventure.” says Mr Glenn Tan, Executive Director of Tan Chong International Limited. “With a versatile 7-seater cabin space, innovative features and 4WD capability, families can expect fun and excitement in the new X-Trail.”
For more information about the Nissan X-Trail, click here.

Nissan Sylphy Just Became A Whole Lot Quicker

8 October 2014

Tan Chong Motor Sales is excited to introduce the newest variant of the Sylphy model range – the Sylphy Super Sports Sedan (SSS) in addition to the current Sylphy Premium and Signature Series models.

This second generation Nissan Sylphy was introduced in Singapore in March 2013, offering an upmarket design, luxurious interior and premium features, but yet without a premium price. Known for being a reliable sedan for families who need space, comfort and smooth driving performance, the Sylphy has proven itself and risen to be among the top 10 models sold in Singapore in the first half of 2014*.

“We have a comprehensive range of Sylphy to suit different needs,” says Mr Ron Lim, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Tan Chong Motor Sales. “For those who wanted exclusivity, we introduced the Sylphy Signature Series earlier this year. The Sylphy SSS on the other hand, offers affordable excitement from a sedan, powered by a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine which appeals to those with a need for speed.”

Fitted with a 1.6-litre DIG Turbo engine that develops 190PS of power and 240Nm of torque mated to Xtronic CVT with manual mode, the all-new Sylphy SSS is able to deliver a performance that is expected from a normally aspirated 2.5-litre engine but in a package that’s no larger or heavier than a conventional 1.6-litre unit. Nissan engineers estimate that the DIG Turbo develops about 20 per cent greater torque than a conventional turbo engine with multi-point fuel injection.

The Sylphy SSS wears a fully integrated sports body kit, comprising of rear spoilers with stop light, matte-black front grille and side skirts. Filling the Sylphy SSS’ wheel arches are standard 17-inch sports alloy wheels that add a performance-oriented edge to the styling of the turbocharged Sylphy SSS.

The interior cabin is supplemented with a silver finishing console design, finely stitched black leather upholstery and white illumination for the Multi Information Display (MID) dashboard. The steering wheel features the audio, cruise and hands-free Bluetooth controls and the Sylphy SSS comes standard with an integrated navigation system with a reverse camera.

*Source: LTA 2014

For more information about the Nissan Sylphy SSS, click here.

Nissan continues to support Infiniti Red Bull Racing

19th September 2014

Nissan, Singapore’s four-time best-selling light commercial vehicle brand since 2010, will provide Infiniti Red Bull Racing, high-profile four-time World Champion Formula One team, with the Nissan NV350 during the race week in Singapore. With its class-leading loading capacity and impressive driving performance, the NV350 is an ideal fit to keep up with the fast pace and high demands of the championship-winning Infiniti Red Bull Racing team.

“As a top F1 team, Infiniti Red Bull Racing will need an excellent and reliable support system and we are proud to be part of that by equipping the team and crew during the Singapore Grand Prix with the Nissan NV350. Nissan is proud to be part of the team and contribute to what we hope will be another successful performance in the season to come” said Mr Ron Lim, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Tan Chong Motor Sales Pte Ltd.

Whatever the job is, the Nissan NV350 fits the bill with its appealing exterior and roomy, highly functional interior that offers true reliability with maximum ease of use.

Christian Horner, Team Principal, Infiniti Red Bull Racing, commented: “The partnership with Nissan LCV has brought significant benefits to our team and demonstrated the value of working with the right commercial vehicle partner. One of the biggest challenges we face is managing the logistically complex operations of transporting people and equipment, and as we head into a busy period of flyaway races starting this weekend in Singapore, we are delighted to continue our work with Nissan LCV.”


Nissan at the Night Lights Festival 2014

22 August 2014

Tan Chong proudly partners the National Heritage Board for a "Greenhouse Car" installation at the Night Lights Festival 2014! Artists Maro and Dimitri''s "Greenhouse Car" questions that impact of industralisation on our environment and what we perceive to be nature.

The two cars chosen to be displayed at the festival was the Nissan Leaf and the Nissan Note. The Nissan Leaf is an electric car that runs with no oil, no gas, no transmission and no tearpipe. It runs on 100% electricity, an energy source that can be made locally, cheaply and ecologically.

While Nissan believes that all-electric cars may be the future, combustion engine powered vehicle will still be on the road for some time. Pure drive is the name Nissan uses for vehicles that feature internal combustion engines with reduced CO2 emissions. Combining advanced engine technology, a lightweight platform and improved areodynamics, the Nissan Note 1.2L earns its Pure Drive badge with its excellent fuel efficiency and emission levels. 

As technlogy advances, we are presented with new opportunities we are presented with new opportunities to rethink about how we could leave a smaller carbon footprint with the eco-friendly cars. 

Nissan Scores For The First Half of 2014

29 July 2014

Tan Chong Motor Sales announced its light commercial vehicles (LCV) and passenger vehicles (PV) sales results for the first half of 2014, based on the latest figures released by the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

1) Nissan Is Now The 3rd Overall* Best Selling Brand

Combining its LCV and PV sales figures, Nissan advances to 3rd overall* best-selling brand in the 1st half of 2014, with a 7% jump in market share to 13%.

2) Nissan LCV Sales Races Ahead

In the light commercial vehicle (LCV) segment, Nissan continues to race forward, holding on to its number 1 selling LCV position and improving its market share by 14% at the same time.

“The results shows our customers’ trust in Nissan’s light commercial vehicles’ reliability and durability,” said Mr Glenn Tan, Executive Director, Tan Chong Motor Sales Pte Ltd. “We also believe our customers see the added value in the services and programs that we offer, such as the industry’s first 5-year warranty and the 5-year Comprehensive Maintenance Program for LCVs which gives them total peace of mind ownership.”

2a) Nissan NV200 – Best-Selling Compact Van
Continuing to dominate the compact van segment for 4 years and counting is the Nissan NV200. It continues to be the only Japanese brand compact van available in the market with 1 out of every 2 compact vans sold being a NV200.

2b) Nissan NV350 – Best-Selling Mid-Size Van & Bus
Earning the top spot in the mid-size van & bus segment is the Nissan NV350 (previously known as Urvan). Available in both van and microbus version, it is also available in a high-roof wide-body variant, called the NV350 Caravan, that is able to seat up to 15 people.

2c) Nissan Cabstar – Best-Selling Light Truck
The Nissan Cabstar has also conquered the light truck segment with a market share of 44%. Its first half sales of 531 units has already out-stripped its total full year sales of 353 units in 2013.

3) Nissan Passenger Vehicles Shows Vast Improvements

In the passenger vehicle category, Nissan sales have more than doubled and its market share increased from 3% to 6%. Other than its popular Sylphy and Teana, Nissan also saw strong demand for its other models like the Note and Elgrand. 

*Excluding Heavy Goods Vehicles & Taxis

"Loss of Use" Insurance Program

29 July 2014

To carry on Nissan’s stronghold as the number one LCV brand, Tan Chong will continue to introduce quality products and value-added services to customers. So in celebration of its first half-year results, Tan Chong is introducing yet another industry-first – the “Loss of Use” insurance program with purchase of any Nissan LCV.

The “Loss of Use” program offers customers a replacement vehicle for up to seven days if their Nissan LCV needs to be in the workshop for more than a day. “Together with the 5-year warranty and 5-year Comprehensive Maintenance Program, customers receive more value when they buy a Nissan LCV. We are committed to our customers and thankful for their support and will continue to innovate to be a leader in this segment”, added Mr Glenn Tan, Executive Director of TCIL. 

Tan Chong Motor Sales Previews the All-New Nissan Qashqai

3 July 2014

Nissan''s Qashqai is long established as the leader in the crossover market, with more than 2.0 million produced since 2007. The new Qashqai, due to be launched soon, appeals to young, urbanite drivers looking for additional style, technology and excitement. It is set to enhance Nissan''s crossover leadership position.

“The Qashqai has created one of the most successful and popular segments in recent motoring history - Crossovers. By combining the best of both hatchback agility and SUV toughness, the Qashqai appeals to urbanites who are seeking for something more exciting than a regular hatchback,” says Mr Glenn Tan, Executive Director, Tan Chong Motor Sales Pte Ltd. “With the new Qashqai, not only is it a joy to drive, but for those looking to stand out from the crowd, they will find it a real head turner”.

The striking new Qashqai is 50mm longer than the current model and fractionally lower and wider, giving it a sleek, poised stance while maintaining the crossover style, compact dimensions and a raised driving position. Distinctive features - including a clamshell-style bonnet - lend a premium appearance while retaining the Qashqai''s strong visual DNA.

Inside, a dramatic rise in material and design quality adds significant interior appeal to the Qashqai package. At the heart of the new Qashqai lies accessible technology. A suite of innovations which, when combined, form a unique package of driver aids which not only significantly enhance safety and convenience, but deliver exceptional value to Nissan drivers.

Designed and engineered in Europe, the new Qashqai has been created by Nissan''s experts at Nissan Design Europe (London, UK) and Nissan Technical Centre Europe (Cranfield, UK and Barcelona, Spain), and is built in Sunderland, UK. Extensive input has also come from Nissan''s designers and engineers in Atsugi, Japan.

Car of the Year Award: What Car?

The Qashqai is no stranger to awards ceremonies with the original model having been honoured with numerous industry accolades over the course of the last six years. The all-new version is set to continue that winning streak having already secured one of Europe''s most prestigious titles. In January, leading UK magazine and website What Car? awarded its Car of the Year 2014 title to the all-new Qashqai.

The What Car? judging panel praised the new Qashqai''s refinement, agile driving experience and low running costs..

For more information about the Nissan Qashqai, click here.

Nissan is Singapore's Best-Selling Light Goods Vehicle Brand Once Again!

16 January 2014

Tan Chong Motor Sales is proud to announce that Nissan has emerged as the best-selling light goods vehicle (LGV) brand for the fourth year running since 2010. The figures are based on the latest Motor Traders Association report for 2013.

Since being the industry leader in 2010, Nissan has constantly pushed itself by learning the business needs that its customers require. And with that, it has been introducing more models, variants and services for their valued customers. The Nissan LGV line up consisting of the NV200 compact van, NV350 large panel van, Navara pick-up (double cabin and single cabin) and Cabstar light truck, is the widest in Singapore, offering a large variety of solutions to many business needs.

Continuing its winning streak since its launch in 2010, Nissan NV200 compact van is once again the best-selling small van. The NV200 offers outstanding cargo space, low cost of ownership with a highly functional and versatile design. Joining the NV200 as the market leader in its segment is the Nissan Navara which was launched in 2012. With a choice of two body configurations, distinguished presence, exceptional power, performance and cargo deck space, unparalleled off-road performance and outstanding safety features, the Navara is tough and versatile.

Another popular choice among business owners is the Nissan Cabstar light truck. With modifications such as add-on freezer and boxer, the Cabstar offers much versatility and functionality. On top of that, its super spacious cabin and the smallest minimum turning radius of 4.4m are reasons why it’s one of the top choices when it comes to light trucks.

In 2013, Nissan also introduced the NV350 – the new full sized goods van. Replacing its predecessor, Nissan Urvan, the modern and intelligently designed NV350 has a higher payload, torque and is more fuel efficient.

“We are pleased that customers recognise the value and support that a Nissan LGV provides. Besides LGV, Nissan has also boosted up its range of mini buses, with strong response seen for its latest NV350 Caravan - a high-roof, wide-body 15-seater model,” said Mr Ron Lim, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Tan Chong Motor Sales. “Nissan is hopeful that with the wider line up, it will be able to establish itself too, as the top choice for mini bus operators in 2014.”

To thank its customers for their continuous support, Tan Chong Motor Sales is extending a $3,888 Thank You Discount for bookings of any of its LGV and mini-bus models*.

For more information on the NV200, please click here

For more information on the NV350 Panel Van & Caravan, please click here

For more information on the Cabstar, please click here

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All-New 2013 Nissan Sylphy moves up in Style, Sophistication and Refinement.

8 March 2013

Following its global premiere in China last year, Sylphy has been launched in the USA, Japan and Thailand and it will be sold in approximately 120 countries globally. The all-new Sylphy has been developed with class-above design standards both interior and exterior, as well as efficiency in engineering while retaining its popular features.


The all-new redesigned Sylphy now has a closer resemblance to the popular luxury sedan, Nissan Teana, than a typical C-segment sedan. By offering an upmarket design, a more luxurious interior, premium features, higher quality all around and better performance, yet without a premium price, Nissan has redefined the C-segment sedan category in Singapore.” said Mr Glenn Tan, Executive Director, Tan Chong International Limited.


Key Highlights of the all-new 2013 Nissan Sylphy

- Modern, premium design

- Premium, class-above interior with class-leading space

- Super smooth drive with 2 engine choices mated with next-generation Xtronic CVT

For more information on the Sylphy, please click here.




Nissan - Champion of Light Commercial Vehicles for 3 Straight Years

 14th January 2013

Tan Chong Motor scores a hat trick with 2012 Nissan light commercial vehicle sales of
838 units. Nissan is in the lead for the 3rd consecutive year over second placed Toyota.
This is based on latest figures released by the Motor Traders Association of Singapore for the full year 2012.

Light Commercial Vehicles

2012 Sales Volume

1.    Nissan


2.    Toyota


3.    Mitsubishi



The success story is fuelled by its strong model lines. Besides favourites like the Nissan Cabstar light truck and Nissan Urvan mid-size van, especially well-received were Nissan NV200 compact van and Nissan Navara pickup truck, both making into the best-selling list in their respective categories.


Best-selling Compact Van: Nissan NV200

The Nissan NV200 continues to be a star performer in its category since its launch in May 2010 with a total of 290 units registered in 2012. With almost 3 out of every 5 compact vans registered in 2012 being the Nissan NV200, it is Singapore’s best-selling compact van again for 3 years running.

For more information about the Nissan NV200, click here.

Best-selling Pickup: Nissan Navara

A new entrant to the market in February 2012, the Nissan Navara was able to quickly secure almost 50% share of the segment, chalking up sales of 93 units to lead the pack as Singapore’s best-selling pickup.

Commenting on the results, General Manager, Mr Ron Lim of Tan Chong Motor said “We are extremely delighted as it is truly an exemplary effort put in by the Nissan family in this extremely tough automobile market. We have expanded our model lineup and significantly improved our position in many segments.”

“Most of all, we’d like to thank all our customers for believing in us, and trusting in the Nissan brand. They are the true winners because we see the number one position as a strong commitment to further increase the value of Nissan.”

For more information about the Nissan Navara, click here.

Coming soon: All-new Nissan NV350 Caravan (14-seater)


Tan Chong has opened its books for pre-launch orders of the all-new NV350 Caravan 14-seater high roof wide body microbus. The wide body''s exterior has a clean and modern design look that emphasizes the vehicle''s ample cabin space. The interior can accommodate up to 14 passengers comfortably with generous leg room between each row of seating. It is equipped with a newly-developed YD25DDTi 2.5L diesel engine, delivering power equivalent to a 3.0L diesel engine.



Launch of Nissan's first supercharged model - All-New Nissan NOTE

 10th January 2013

Tan Chong Motor Sales is proud to welcome Nissan’s very first supercharged model, the Nissan NOTE to our shores. The NOTE’s newly-developed 1.2L DIG-S engine, delivers agile and exhilarating driving performance equivalent to a 1.5L engine. Its innovative design and advanced technology provides class-leading spaciousness and fuel-efficiency. On top of its winning features, the NOTE has also been awarded The Car of The Year by the Automotive Researchers & Journalists Conference of Japan.

Based on the dual-pillar strategy of zero emissions and PURE DRIVE, Nissan continues its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions throughout its product lineup. The new NOTE with supercharged or naturally-aspirated engine is one of the Nissan''s PURE DRIVE models - a designation given to Nissan''s most fuel efficient, lowest emissions vehicles.

“We are looking forward to an exciting year for Nissan in 2013 with at least 4 new models to be launched, kicking off with the NOTE,” said Mr Joseph Ong, Managing Director, Tan Chong Motor Sales. “The NOTE is targeted at young buyers who are in the market for a compact hatchback that combines style and performance but yet easy to maintain”.

To celebrate the launch of the all-new Nissan NOTE, Tan Chong Motor Sales is giving away a helicopter aerial tour of Singapore or a half-day yacht charter for every purchase of Nissan NOTE to the first 30 customers.

Key Highlights of the Nissan NOTE

·       - Stylish and sporty exterior with class-topping aerodynamics

·       - Class-leading spaciousness for ultimate comfort

·       - Supercharged power equivalent of a 1.5L engine

·       - Class-leading fuel-economy of 19.6km/L

  To learn more about the Nissan NOTE, please click here.


Tan Chong & Nissan Partners Singapore Environment Council for the Singapore G1

15th July 2012


The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) today announced the launch of Singapore G1 2012, the republic’s largest environmentally-sustainable lifestyle event. Organised by the SEC, the event will make its mark as Singapore’s first ever “zero waste event”.

The Singapore G1 2012 is a distinctive event and its theme – Live Green – will link the protection of environment with healthy living and the reduction of carbon footprint.

The Guest-of-Honour for the event on 2 September will be Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean, who is also the Chairman of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Climate Change, the Coordinating Minister for National Security and Home Affairs Minister.

Speaking at the launch of the event at the Tan Chong Motor Sales Nissan Showroom on 15 June 2012, SEC Executive Director Jose Raymond said, “Everyone can play a part in reducing their carbon footprint and this message needs to be sent out to as many people as possible. What we aim to do is to show how a simple act like walking a little more each day, and using public transport like the MRT, or even cycling, can lead not just to the reduction of one’s carbon footprint, but can help in keeping one healthy.”

The public will also have an opportunity to try out the new Nissan LEAF, the world’s first mass-produced 100% electric vehicle, which does not produce any tailpipe pollution or greenhouse gas emissions at the point of operation.

This will serve as the vehicular environmentally-friendly ambassador for the event, stemming from Tan Chong Motor’s support of SEC’s objectives to create a lasting impact on climate change by collaborating with people, industries and governments to encourage and achieve sustainable urbanisation.

 “Nissan and Tan Chong Motor Sales are thrilled to partner SEC for Singapore G1 2012. The event provides a great platform to showcase the 100% electric Nissan LEAF – a practical 5-seater family car designed for real-world needs that will enable Nissan to lead mobility into the zero emission era and create a sustainable mobility society for ourselves and for our future generations. This is an excellent opportunity for the public to try out this transformational technology that will change the way people drive, use and power their vehicles,” said Mr Ron Lim, General Manager, Tan Chong Motor Sales Ltd.

Applicants can register for the free walk on the official website www.singaporeg1.sg and more details can also be found on the Singapore G1 Facebook page www.facebook.com/singaporeg1.

To learn more about the LEAF, please click here.


Tan Chong Introduces Industry's First 5-Year Warranty Program for Nissan Light Commercial Vehicles

9th July 2012

Tan Chong Motor Sales will introduce a 5-year warranty program for its range of light commercial vehicles. The 5-year warranty program, which incorporates the original 3-year warranty from Nissan and a 2-year motor protection scheme after that, will be the first of its kind in the industry for light commercial vehicles.
Offering the largest and most comprehensive line up of light commercial vehicles, Nissan is also Singapore’s best-selling light commercial vehicle brand for two years running since 2010. “As the industry leader for light commercial vehicles, we are always finding new and innovative solutions in terms of both product and promotion packages to assists businesses,” said Mr Ron Lim, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Tan Chong Motor Sales.
With the understanding of customers’ needs, Tan Chong Motor Sales will also be kicking off a ‘Business Made Easy’ promotion package that consists of free first five months instalment, free first year road tax and free first year insurance on top of the standard 5-year warranty (limited to 140,000km). “The package, as the name suggests, aims to make it easier for buyers to cope with the upfront payment required when purchasing our commercial vehicles, especially under the current high COE premium environment,” added Mr Lim.
For more information on Nissan light commercial vehicles, please click here.

The All-New 100% Electric Nissan LEAF A New Era of Mobility With No-Compromise Performance.

 24 April 2012

Tan Chong Motor Sales, the sole distributor of Nissan vehicles in Singapore,  joins the drive towards a “no gas, no tailpipe” zero-emission future by introducing the all-new Nissan LEAF, the world’s first mass produced, zero-emission car. This is the first Nissan LEAF launch throughout ASEAN region.

Nissan LEAF is a newly developed EV designed for the mass market, offering new mobility for a sustainable zero-emission society. Achieving outstanding environmental performance as a zero-emission vehicle with no tailpipe emissions, including CO2, Nissan LEAF is powered by a lithium-ion battery and an electric motor. It provides a unique driving experience, strong and smooth acceleration performance and a quiet operation that is comparable to luxury vehicles in every speed range. It also offers superior handling stability with its excellent weight balance.

With the Nissan LEAF, Tan Chong is participating in the government’s EV test-bedding program which aims to test and gauge different EV prototypes and charging technologies in Singapore’s urbanized environment and road conditions.  Currently, the Nissan LEAF can only be purchased by companies under the Enhanced Transport Technology Innovation Development Scheme (TIDES-PLUS) – which waives off all vehicular taxes.

First launched in Japan and the United States in December 2010, and followed by Europe in early 2011, the Nissan LEAF has sold more than 27,000 units to date.

To learn more about the Nissan LEAF, please click here

Return of the Pickup King! - Class-leading Power Performance And Cargo Deck Space.

26 March 2012

Tan Chong Motor Sales, the sole distributor for Nissan vehicles in Singapore, continues to expand Singapore’s best-selling light commercial vehicle brand line-up with the arrival of the all-new Nissan Navara pick-up.

Nissan Navara replaces its predecessor – the Nissan Pickup, which was Singapore’s best-selling pick-up every year during its model life.

The Nissan Navara has enjoyed global success since its introduction in 2007 and has won numerous accolades and awards such as Car Of The Year’s Best Pick-up under 2.5L in Thailand for 3 years running from 2008-2010.

“With the introduction of the Nissan Navara, we are excited to re-enter the pick-up segment after a 5 year gap since the implementation of the Euro 4 emission standard in October 2006. With the first three shipments of the Nissan Navara already snapped up before its official launch, we are confident that it will follow its predecessor’s footsteps as the best-selling model in the pick-up segment.

Key Highlights of the Nissan Navara:
- Tough and Versatile
- Class-leading Power and Performance
- Unparalleled Off-road Performance
- Australia NCAP 4-star Rating

To learn more about the Nissan Navara, please click here

Tan Chong Debuts The All-New Luxury Mobile Suite - Nissan Elgrand

 26 March 2012

Tan Chong Motor Sales announces the launch of the third-generation Nissan ELGRAND 2.5L Highway Star, Nissan’s premier luxury mobile suite. 

 In line with its longstanding reputation for excellence, the third-generation ELGRAND imparts a strong luxury presence and welcoming sense of hospitality and comfort for driver and passengers alike. The 8-seater interior offers a number of features designed specifically for passenger comfort, such as high quality seats and a Private Theatre System with an 11-inch electronic retractable monitor.

Key features of the new Elgrand:
- Distinguished Styling
- Exhilarating Yet Fuel-Efficient Performance
- Advanced Technology and Equipment

To learn more about the Nissan Elgrand, please click here.


All New 2012 Nissan MURANO Features Redesigned Exterior and Refined Interior

24th November 2011

Tan Chong Motor Sales welcomes the arrival of the new minor change 2012 Nissan MURANO. The second generation Nissan MURANO, introduced just two years ago, now offers a refreshed grille and bumper design, new LED taillights, a new 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheel design and a number of interior and content refinements – all intended to keep MURANO’s visually distinctive styling fresh and exciting. 

With its contemporary exterior design, ‘mobile suite’ interior, advanced technology and refined, premium driving feel, MURANO stands out as a modern crossover SUV like no other.


Key highlights of the 2012 Minor Change Nissan MURANO

- Revised front bumper and grille design
- Additional rear fog lamps and new LED tailights
- New 18-inch aluminium-alloy wheel design
- Double panelled sunroof with roof rails as standard on both 3.5L and 2.5L
- iPod compability with entertainment display unit
- Auto Speed Control Device (Cruise Control) as standard on both 3.5L and 2.5L



Tan Chong Opens Order Books for Nissan Almera Sedan

 20 October 2011

Tan Chong opens the order books for the new Nissan global sedan - Nissan Almera. 

The Almera is a global sedan which will eventually be sold in more than 170 countries worldwide, with annual sales reaching 400,000 units. It has already been well-received in China, America, Mexico, as well as India. With its modern styling, fuel efficiency and class-leading interior roominess, the Almera takes entry-level cars to a whole new level - proving that you don't have to sacrifice style for affordability, interior roominess or drivability.

Major features include:
- Class-leading rear passenger leg-room of 636mm
- Fuel-efficient, light-weight HR15DE engine
- Factory-fitted 2DIN 4-speakers audio head unit with CD, FM and Aux-in
- Halogen headlamps
- Intelligent key system featuring keyless entry and push-start engine ignition
- SRS dueal airbags (Premium & Comfort)
- Steering controls with audio switches (Premium only)
- Stylish Fine Vision tachometer with white illumination (Premium & Comfort)

To learn more about the Nissan Almera, please click here.

Nissan Navara - The King of Pick-Up is Back To Rule

 6 October 2011

Tough and Versatile.

With a distinguished presence that sets it apart and a powerful engine with advanced transmission system for an unparalled perfomrnace, the Nissan Navara is an efficient workhorse for your needs.

Leading Power Performance
Single Cabin:
- Max. Power output: 106kW(144PS)/4,000rpm
- Max. Torque output: 356Nm/2,000rpm

Double Cabin:
- Max. Power output: 126kW(177PS)/4,000rpm
- Max. Torque output: 403Nm/2,000rpm

Class-leading Cargo Deck Space
Always up to the task, the Navara's load bed has been designed to provide all the space you need.
Single Cabin
- 2,310mm (L) x 1,555mm (W) x 450mm (H)
Double Cabin
- 1,480mm (L) x 1,494mm (W) x 454mm (H)

Unparalled Off-Road Performance
Traverse through any terrain with ease, from the ascent to descent of any steep hill, with Navara's Electronically Controlled 4WD system for improved performance and fuel efficiency. The system enables shifting between 2WD and 4WD with the use of a dial without having to stop the vehicle as long as it is travelling at less than 100km/h.

1 out of 3 commercial vehicles sold to date is a Nissan commercial vehicle

20 May 2011

Nissan continues to show its mettle in the commercial vehicle segment by not only retaining its leadership in the segment, but widening its lead over its competition. Nissan sold a total of 504 commercial vehicles between January and April this year (based on figures released by MTA), well ahead of 2nd place Mitsubishi by Goldbell (363 units) and 3rd place Toyota (325 units). This success is spread equally amongst its 3 models – the compact Nissan NV200 small van, the Nissan Cabstar light truck, and the Nissan Urvan full-sized van.

In appreciation of the continued support shown by customers who helped drive Nissan to the pole position, and in conjunction with the launch of the new NV200+6, Tan Chong Motor Sales is now offering a 4 years (or 120,000km) free servicing promotion for the purchase of any Nissan commercial vehicle (for a limited period only).

Nissan, Singapore’s Best Selling Commercial Vehicle Make, introduces the all new NV200+6

20 May 2011

Riding on the success of its popular NV200 compact van - Singapore’s best selling compact van to date - Tan Chong Motor Sales, exclusive distributor of Nissan vehicles, is now offering a Goods-Cum-Passenger (GCP) variant in the form of Nissan NV200+6.

The new Nissan NV200+6 offers small business operators the versatility of using the vehicle either to carry goods or ferry up to 6 passengers or both at the same time when the need arises.

“Being the market leader in the commercial vehicle segment, we hope to be in the forefront to introduce more new variants to the market based on feedback from our customers”, said Ron Lim, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Tan Chong Motor Sales. “The Nissan NV200+6 was “born” because some of our customers wanted more versatility than what the standard compact van can deliver.”

Sharing almost the same specifications as the Nissan NV200 compact van, the Nissan NV200+6 offers the following additional features:

  • 2 rows of forward-facing PE certified 3-seater rear seats that are equipped with 3-points seatbelts to sit 6 passenger
  • Expandable cargo space with foldable last row seat
  • Rear air-conditioning to cater to rear passengers
  • 2DIN audio system with touch screen control integrated with reverse parking camera system
  • Body-colored front and rear bumpers
  • 4-piece rear panel glasses with tinted solar film
  • Leather/vinyl upholstery for the front passenger and driver

 To learn more about NV200+6, please click here.

Tan Chong Releases All-New 2011 Nissan GT-R

24 April 2011

Tan Chong Motor Sales, exclusive distributor of Nissan motor vehicles in Singapore is proud to announce the launch of the all-new 2011 Nissan GT-R Black Edition.

Developed under the theme of offering the “world’s best multi-performance and responsive driving pleasure”, every area of the 2011 GT-R has been carefully rethought or retuned.

The new Black Edition GT-R features improved engine output and torque, fuel efficiency, revised handling, a refreshed exterior with improved aerodynamics, revised interior treatment and new wheels and tires.

The large number of enhancements for the new model year is part of the continuous advancement of the GT-R design, technology and performance since its debut in December 2007 in Japan.

For more information on the GT-R, please click here.

Tan Chong Opens Order Books for All New Nissan March

11 March 2011

The 1.2L Nissan MARCH comes in both 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmission and will be launched in MARCH 2011. But the public will be able to preview the Nissan MARCH at the Nissan Ubi and Bukit Timah Showrooms from today.

Since its debut in the early 1980s, the Nissan MARCH has been acclaimed globally for its superior driving ease, great reliability and superb handling and manoeuvrability. The new Nissan MARCH is the fourth generation of this popular series and has been designed to retain its “user friendly” DNA – with increased drivability and driving comfort.

Developed and built on Nissan’s all-new V-platform which was developed under a comprehensive new production engineering process, the new Nissan MARCH was designed and tested in Japan to be built in at least four overseas locations, and fine-tuned to meet the differing tastes and needs of customers in 160 countries world wide.

“The MARCH is fondly loved by many from the first to the third generation and the new MARCH is no exception. It is the result of a unique and sophisticated design, versatile platform and urban mobility that we believe will appeal to many,” said Mr. Ron Lim, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Tan Chong Motor Sales.

Key Highlights of the Nissan MARCH

  • Stylish and Sophisticated design
  • Comfort in a compact car
  • Urban mobility
  • Low cost of ownership

 To learn more about the MARCH, Please click here.

Team Nissan Triumphs Over Corporate Rivals – Stacy Low Leads Team to Victory in Women’s Corporate Team Category

7 March 2011

Four Singaporean female cyclists have taken Team Nissan to the top of the winners’ podium at OCBC Cycle Singapore by claiming first spot in the Women’s Corporate Team category.

Led by Stacy Low who finished second in the individual category for The Nissan Challenge (40km), just a split second behind the eventual winner, Team Nissan were comprehensive victors in the corporate category as Low’s teammates Veronica Tang, Jamie Swee and Sanny Chen also produced outstanding performances.

Team Nissan blitzed the Women’s Corporate Category, with their combined time of 4 hours 24 minutes and 29.1 seconds over an hour faster than their closest rival in second spot.

“Team Nissan produced a fantastic result on Sunday morning and we couldn’t have asked for a better performance from the four cyclists. They all rode a brilliant race and represented our brand in the best manner possible,” said Mr Ron Lim, General Manager, Tan Chong Motor Sales Pte Ltd. 

“It was certainly a fantastic sight at the F1 Pit Building on Sunday morning to see the huge number of cyclists gather for The Nissan Challenge.

Team Nissan Ready to Race

February 2011

Four top Singaporean female cyclists have been selected to represent Team Nissan and will take on thousand’s of the nation’s best amateur riders in The Nissan Challenge (40km) during OCBC Cycle Singapore from 4-6 March.

Team Nissan will consist of Stacy Low, Veronica Tang, Jamie Swee and Sanny Chen. The entire quartet boasts highly impressive cycling credentials and will undoubtedly be a team to watch when The Nissan Challenge gets underway on Sunday, 6 March.

Low rides for JAP Racing and has already had a taste of OCBC Cycle Singapore, as well as the prestigious Tour de Bintan. Tang, an undergraduate at NUS, is a genuine sporting all-rounder who excels at a variety of sports – with running and cycling at the top of the list.

Swee has recently turned her focus towards road cycling and the SMU undergraduate is eyeing up a big performance in this year’s OCBC Cycle Singapore. She certainly won’t have to look any further than Chen, the fourth member of the Nissan Team. Chen has completed a remarkable eight marathons, two half-ironman triathlons, and seven triathlons with some exceptional results.

“Team Nissan is made up of four exceptional athletes and we feel extremely proud to have them represent our brand in the 40KM Nissan Challenge at OCBC Cycle Singapore 2011,” said Mr Ron Lim, General Manager, Tan Chong Motor Sales Pte Ltd.

For more information on the OCBC Cycle Singapore 2010, please click here

Nissan is Singapore’s Best Selling Commercial Vehicle Brand 2010

13 January 2011

Nissan now reigns as the best selling commercial vehicle brand in Singapore for the year 2010. Nissan sold a total of 1,016 vehicles in the commercial vehicle segment based on recent figures released by the Motor Traders Association of Singapore.

Top 3 Best Selling Brands (Source: MTA, Jan – Dec 2010)



Year 2010








Mitsubishi (Goldbell)


“We are thrilled with the performance of our commercial vehicle line up, which consists of the Cabstar, Urvan and NV200,” said Ron Lim, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Tan Chong Motor Sales. “Owners of Nissan commercial vehicles know that they are being assured lasting quality and low cost of ownership that comes with trusted Japanese craftsmanship. We would like to thank our esteemed customers for their continuous support and we endeavour to offer greater value and economy to drive their businesses ahead!”

For more information on Nissan Commercial Vehicles, please click here.

Nissan Signs Unique Sponsorship Deal for OCBC Cycle Singapore 2011 -“The Nissan Challenge”

January 2011

Tan Chong Motor Sales has signed as the naming rights partner for the largest and most popular ride during OCBC Cycle Singapore, The Challenge (40km) ride. The unique partnership will see “The Nissan Challenge (40km)” feature in the third installment of Singapore’s premier mass participation cycling event. In 2010, more than 5,400 cyclists took to the streets during this event alone.

“Tan Chong Motor and Nissan are thrilled to be associated with The Nissan Challenge for 2011. OCBC Cycle Singapore provides a great platform to showcase The Nissan Crossovers, which are the perfect sports utility vehicles for people who enjoy a healthy, outdoor lifestyle. This is an exciting growth segment and in the lead up to and throughout the OCBC Cycle Singapore event weekend, the public will be able to get up close with our Qashqai, Qashqai+2, Murano and the all-new Juke models and witness the cars’ unique features that fit their needs,” said Mr Ron Lim, General Manager, Tan Chong Motor Sales Pte Ltd. 

Chris Robb, Managing Director of Spectrum Worldwide, event owner and organiser of OCBC Cycle Singapore said, "It’s fantastic to see Nissan recognise OCBC Cycle Singapore as a powerful marketing vehicle for its brand. The event has grown tremendously since 2009 and with partners like Nissan it’s set to return even bigger and better in 2011.”

For more information on the OCBC Cycle Singapore 2010, please click here.




Tan Chong Officially Launches the All-New Nissan JUKE – Pre-launch Orders Exceeds Expectations

10 December 2010

With the arrival of JUKE, Nissan has cemented its position as the leading brand in the crossover market.

With JUKE, Nissan ushers in a new genre of vehicles: the compact sports crossover. It combines the agility of a compact sports coupe with the security and toughness of an SUV. From its sporty front and rear lights to its large, imposing fenders, it stands out with its bold design and strong imagery. Along with its splendid performance, the JUKE is a hit with consumers worldwide, having recorded over 50,000 unit orders around the world since its debut in Japan four months ago.

Similarly in Singapore, JUKE has received positive response for its distinctive exterior styling, superior driving experience and innovative technology since the order books opened in September. Sales for the JUKE have been encouraging – the first three shipments have almost all been sold, with 40 per cent of buyers opting for the more powerful JUKE 1.6L DIG-T variant.

For more information on the JUKE, please click here.

Tan Chong Opens Order Books for Nissan JUKE – Nissan’s First Compact Crossover

29 September 2010

JUKE – a part SUV, part sports coupe, crossover - is expected to arrive in November/December 2010. But the public will be able to preview JUKE at the Nissan Ubi Showroom from tomorrow.

The arrival of JUKE strengthens Nissan’s position as the pioneer of crossovers. Nissan now offers one of the largest and most comprehensive line-up of crossovers in the market.

 Key Highlights of the Nissan JUKE

  • Bold and distinctive styling
  • New turbocharged engine
  • New Intelligent Control Display

For more information about the JUKE, please click here.

Nissan Wins Big in Commercial Van Segment in Singapore

4 August 2010

Nissan’s van line-up, namely NV200 and URVAN, have both emerged as the best selling van in its respective segment in Singapore!   

This is based on recent figures released by the Motor Traders Association of Singapore up to June 2010. 

Nissan NV200 – Best Selling Small Van in Singapore

In the small van segment, Nissan NV200 (the only Japanese small van in the market) has far exceeded competitors’ sales with just 2 months of registrations since its official launch in May this year!   

The new NV200, a multiple award winner including International Van of the Year 2010, is a new-generation light commercial vehicle designed for the modern businesses and offers styling that is both functional and attractive. With a powerful yet economical 1.5L turbo diesel engine, it delivers an ideal blend of performance and fuel economy.  

 For more information on the NV200, please click here.

Nissan URVAN – Best Selling Van in Singapore   

In the van segment, Nissan URVAN holds the pole position with its outstanding sales performance year to date.    

Known for its biggest cargo space in its class (for the popular Long Wheelbase variants), URVAN probably offers the widest variant selection offered for any vans in Singapore. They include:  

  • Panel Van [Standard Wheelbase (SWB) and Long Wheelbase (LWB)], to carry goods
  • Microbus (Long Wheelbase, LWB) to ferry passengers   

For more information on the URVAN, please click here.

Tan Chong Release All-new Nissan Qashqai+2 Crossover

8 July 2010

Following the recent launch of the face-lifted 2010 QASHQAI, the dynamic mid-size crossover has now expanded its offer with a seven-seat version, called QASHQAI+2. Building on the original QASHQAI’s dynamic driving characteristics of a sporty hatchback and robust, solid virtues of a compact SUV, the QASHQAI+2 now comes with added space and versatility.

“The distinctive style, generous interior space and the superb drivability of the QASHQAI appeal to buyers seeking something different. The new seven-seat QASHQAI+2, with its increased practicality, space and versatility, will add a new dimension to the range.” said Mr. Ron Lim, General Manager, Sales and marketing, Tan Chong Motor Sales.

Key Highlights of the Nissan QASHQAI+2

  • Increased dimensions with unique styling
  • Foldable 2nd and 3rd row seats for increased loading area
  • ALL MODE 4x4®
  • Performance that provides driving comfort and safety

For more information on the QASHQAI+2, please click here.

Nissan NV200 – Return of the Japanese Small Van!

20 May 2010

Tan Chong Motor today announced the launch of the all-new NV200 – the only Japanese small van to return to the market since the implementation of Euro IV emission standards in 2006.  

A class leader in terms of cargo length, volume and low floor height – the multiple-award winner is a new-generation light commercial van that is designed for the needs of a modern business. The new NV200 offers styling that is both functional and attractive. The exterior design dynamically blends a large, square cargo area with a uniquely sporty front end. Combining sharpness and elegance, the NV200‟s low wedge-shaped waistline contributes to superior driver visibility while also providing a truly unique appearance that is instantly recognizable.   

Key Highlights of the NV200 

  • Largest cargo space (4.2m3) in its class
  • A spacious comfortable front cabin
  • Excellent drivability
  • Trusted Japanese quality and reliability at a low cost
  • Uncompromised safety features
  • Winner of multiple awards for 2010   

For more information on the NV200, please click here.

Unveiled – The New 2010 Nissan Qashqai

6 May 2010

Tan Chong welcomed the arrival of the new 2010 Nissan QASHQAI (pronounced “Cash-kai”). The QASHQAI is a crossover that blends the outstanding dynamics and stability of an SUV with the driveability and agility of a hatchback. Designed and built in Britain – the QASHQAI has undergone some extensive changes.

The most notable visual change to the QASHQAI is at the front, where a complete makeover has taken place. All new bonnet, front bumper, grille and headlamps combine to give the QASHQAI an air of premium sophistication, presence and unrelenting quality. 

Key highlights of the 2010 Facelift Nissan QASHQAI

  • Key Highlights of the 2010 Facelift Nissan QASHQAI
  •  New front-end bumper design
  • LED rear lights
  • Six new colours added to 2010 makeover
  •  Bluetooth® Connectivity
  • New rim designs

For more information on the new 2010 QASHQAI, please click here.

Nissan Revs Up For Formula Drift 2010

24 April 2010

Spectacular powerslides, edge-of-your-seat action and unbridled adrenaline rush – fans witnessed the prowess of ferocious engines and more at the Formula Drift 2010, its third edition since its inaugural launch in 2008.

Nissan is proud to be the presenting sponsor powering this highly anticipated event. The 370Z was the official Formula Drift Car 2010 and the Murano was the Official Formula Drift 2010 Safety Car for the event.

More than 9,000 spectators were treated to a hair-raising experience as finalists burn up the course two-at-a-time, often only inches apart, featuring aggressive side-by-side action, nail-biting power slides and spectacular speed along a series of tight corners as powerful engines roar while tyres bellow smoke.

The event has become a sporting calendar highlight, attracting regional interest and talent, as well as a record number of 45 drivers hailing from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Japan and New Zealand. At the end, reigning champion Tengku Djan Ley from Malaysia won the title for the 2nd year running, edging his compatriot Tan Tat Wei at the final round.

Nissan Unveils All-New 2010 Murano 2.5 – Black Label SUV

24 March 2010

Tan Chong Motor is pleased to present the 2.5-litre variant of the all-new second-generation Nissan MURANO flagship luxury SUV. 

Since its introduction in late 2008, the second generation MURANO has occupied a unique place in the premium Crossover market – combining cutting edge design, a premium on-board ambience and enjoyable driving performance. And MURANO’s appeal to customers will be significantly enhanced with the addition of the more popular 2.5-litre MURANO to the line-up. 

In keeping with its enhanced sophistication, MURANO is laden with user-friendly features designed to make life on the move even more comfortable and stylish. 

For more information on the Murano, please click here.

Nissan Releases All-New 2010 370Z Roadster

17 March 2010

Tan Chong Motor today announced the launch of the all-new, fully redesigned 370Z Roadster. Based on the latest generation 370Z Coupe, the all-new 370Z Roadster is a two-seat convertible with a fully, automatic power-operated, soft top. Along with providing the exhilaration of open-air driving, 370Z Roadster offers high performance, dynamic design and excellent value.

Like the 370Z Coupe, the new Roadster model features significant improvements in performance, style and technology versus the previous 350Z Roadster design. With its shorter wheelbase, reduced weight and advanced VQ37VHR 3.7-liter engine, it gives remarkably high levels of acceleration and handling, while also providing a comfortable interior with minimum wind buffeting - even with the top open.   

Key highlights of the new 370Z Roadster include:

  • Optimal balance of sports car performance and open-top convertible exhilaration
  • Signature 370Z styling with an advanced, fully automatic canvas top
  • Advanced safety features and premium Bose® audio system
  • Uncompromised 370Z performance

For more information on the 370Z Coupe and Roadster, please click here.